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Terms of use
1. The Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation website at ("Website") is operated by Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation ("Company").

Before using the Website please read these Terms of Use and use the Website only if you agree to the terms and conditions of use stated herein.

If you have already started using the Website you will be regarded as having accepted the terms and conditions of use stated below.
2. Prohibition of Secondary Usage, etc.
Information, data, images, sounds, designs, trademarks and other contents on the Website as well as information transmitted or distributed via email, etc. are owned by the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates, etc. These contents and information are protected by the Copyright Law, Design Law, Trademark Law and other laws governing intellectual property rights. Secondary use of these contents and information in the form of reproducing, transferring, reuse, etc. without permission is therefore prohibited.

Making any changes and alterations, etc. to the contents is also strictly prohibited.
3. Suspension or Discontinuation
The Company reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the functions of the Website and shall assume no liability for any consequence resulting from such suspension or discontinuation of functions.
4. Governing Laws
These Terms of Use shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
5. Amendment to these Terms of Use
The Company may amend these Terms of Use without prior notification. Should an amendment occur, the Company will post the amended version on the Website, so please confirm the updated version.
6. Disclaimers
1) Website Contents
The Company makes efforts so that the contents appearing on the Website will be as accurate and updated as possible. However, the Company makes no warranty with respect to the adequacy or accuracy of the contents and shall assume no liability with respect to the contents.

Also, please be aware that the Company has the right to change, correct, or modify the Website's contents and URL addresses without notice.

2) Damage to Computer Equipment
The Company shall assume no liability whatsoever for any damage to the user's computer equipment or infections with viruses, etc. should such an incident occur while the user is accessing or browsing the Website or using its contents by downloading text, images, sound, etc.

3) Medical Treatment
The Website does not provide any advice or services whatsoever that are the domain of veterinarians or other practitioners of veterinary medicine. Further, the information on the Website is not intended as a substitute for advice from a veterinarian or other practitioner of veterinary medicine.

4) Product Information
Information about the Company's products is included in the information provided on the Website. All product information, however, is limited to use within Japan.

With respect to using the Company's products overseas, please confirm the conditions in the registration in respect of each product in each country. Also, please be aware that depending on the country where the products are sold, there may be differences in trademarks, directions, dosages, efficacy, etc.

Information on veterinary products posted on the Website is not intended to advertise or publicize the potency or efficacy of the products.

5) Email Correspondences
The Company has no obligation to respond to correspondences made by email or web forms, etc.

The Company endeavors to maintain the confidentiality of inquiry forms, etc. through encoding, but information (excluding personal information) and data provided to the Company via email or other means are not treated as confidential, so please refrain from sending confidential information.

Idea, concept, know-how, etc. contained in information (excluding personal information) and data provided to the Company may be freely used by the Company for any purpose including development, manufacture and sale of the products.
7. For Veterinary Medicine Practitioners
Information on the Company's products related to veterinary medicine contained on the Website should be considered supplementary information only; it is not adequate in and of itself. For detailed information and explanations, please directly contact the manager of the Company's International Business Department.
8. Violations of these Terms of Use
Should the user violate any provision of these Terms of Use, the Company may take measures to revoke the user's access to the Website. Also, in such a case, information, etc. obtained from the user will be deleted.

If the user suffers damages, etc. as a result of the Company taking said measures, the Company shall assume no liability for such damages, etc. If the Company suffers damages as a result of any violation by the user of these Terms of Use, the Company may seek appropriate compensation.
9. URL Citations
When citing the Website's URL in web contents and publications, etc., please use one of the following URLs:
10. Links, etc.
For the convenience of the user, the Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties.

When accessing a website that is the target of a link, the Company shall have no authority or assume no liability for the contents of that website, it being completely independent of the Website. The Company shall also assume no liability for any damages whatsoever suffered by the user in relation to websites operated by third parties.
Please inform the Company when citing the Website in magazines, advertisements and other publications, posting its URL in email newsletters and related media, and linking to it on other websites.

Use (or misappropriation) outside the Company of the Website's contents (information, data, images, sounds, designs, trademarks, etc.) for commercial or non-commercial purposes regardless of the means is prohibited.

Passages from the Website may be cited only for legitimate purposes such as reporting purpose. In this case, please clearly indicate the source of the cited passage.