Kyoritsu Seiyaku

Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation

In the 21st century, animals have become more important for human welfare than ever before. Companion animals are full family members for many owners and research has begun to show that animals play crucial roles in our lives including with respect to animal-assisted activities, therapy and education. In the area of companion animal pharmaceuticals, we provide detailed support not only for the happy, healthy lives of animals including with respect to high-quality vaccines and foods, but also provide support so as to contribute to the creation of an environment in which animals receive proper aging care and enjoy a good quality of life during each stage of their lives.

Our pharmaceuticals for livestock and aquaculture make significant contributions to food safety. We make use of our abundant experience and know-how based on a history for half a century, so as to maintain an unchallenged position in the areas of feed additives and reproduction. For supporting management of livestock farms, we practice thorough cost reduction as well as the provision of high-quality animal medicines. We took the initiative in introducing and promoting Japan”Ēs Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system to improve productivity and also contribute to control epidemic diseases and public health.

The Advanced Technology Development Center, aiming at research, development and production of pharmaceuticals, is making best efforts toward high quality products, including the innovative vaccines for aquaculture in Japan, genetically engineered products and other next-generation pharmaceuticals based on biotechnology.

In the area of human pharmaceuticals, we contribute actively to an aging society with a falling birthrate by offering products such as infertility and osteoporosis treatment drugs.

In the field of deodorizers, we currently provide more than 100 types of products in response to market demands. Most of these products are classified into three categories: deodorizers for industrial products and industrial waste, deodorizers for business and the general public, and raw materials for deodorization. We also work to help reduce environmental pollution in various odor by providing products to global companies.